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Kitchen Studio Happy ClientsKitchen Studio Happy ClientsKitchen Studio Happy ClientsKitchen Studio Happy Clients

Gone are the days when the only way to discover more about a product or service, was to read a brochure or listen to the dreaded sales pitch. Now it's easy for people to search for product reviews or consumer ratings on the internet before making a purchase.

We've all become so used to checking for the number of stars a review has because as we all know, a positive Google review can influence purchase decisions, just as a negative review can be off-putting. At Kitchen Studio, we are proud of our customer service record and the fact we receive so many positive reviews.

Our customer testimonial page has numerous videos that are definitely worth a watch. It's reassuring to hear genuine customers speak so highly of their experience with Kitchen Studio. In reality, you can't always please everyone 100% of the time, and we occasionally make mistakes. What matters is how a business responds to a problem and how quickly it is resolved.

Our feedback and reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive, but on the rare occasion we get it wrong, we do everything possible to make things right. Just one of the reasons why we are consistently voted the most trusted kitchen brand in New Zealand.


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What genuine people say about us

What genuine people say about us