How to choose the right company for your kitchen transformation

There are lots of kitchen companies out there all wanting you to choose them for your kitchen renovation.
But how do you make sure you make the right choice?
Before you speak to a kitchen company, we advise you start your research by Googling kitchen design NZ. Having some knowledge of kitchen design will make you feel more confident when you talk to a kitchen company.
A new kitchen is a significant investment in your home and when a new kitchen cost as much as a new car, it's important you have the right information so you can be sure you've made the best decision for you. Rather than bombard you with all the reasons why you should choose us, it might be more helpful if you watch the video above. It features genuine customers talking about their experience with Kitchen Studio. You'll notice they talk about TRUST a great deal.

When you are investing thousands of dollars you have to be rational, however the truth is, the majority of people are heavily influenced by emotional factors when making a decision. It’s a good thing and that's what makes us human. When it's time to choose a kitchen company, it pays to do due diligence but you should also trust your intuition. They might tick all the boxes but do you like them, do you trust them?

Download the 'Choosing a Kitchen Company Checklist' here
Most of us like to think we make decisions based on intelligent, rational thought. The checklist we offer here should be helpful for checking if a company is suitable based on intelligent analysis.

A full kitchen renovation is a complex project, which is why having a company handle every aspect of the operation makes sense. Of course some people enjoy the challenge of buying a flat-pack kitchen and installing it themselves, while others prefer to bring in experts to do everything for them. Kitchen Studio is a full service company which means you can rely on us to design your new kitchen exactly as you want it, and then supply and fit all cabinets, components and if appropriate, appliances. When you choose Kitchen Studio you can relax knowing we are with you every step of the way.

Then you have to consider protecting your investment and ensuring your new kitchen is covered by a guarantee you can trust. At Kitchen Studio every kitchen is protected by our 10 Year Total Trust Guarantee. In fact many components in your new kitchen carry a Lifetime Guarantee. One thing no-one likes to think about is losing your deposit if the kitchen company you choose goes out of business. We've heard real 'horror stories' from Kiwis like you, who have lost many thousands of dollars due to dodgy kitchen companies who behave in a dishonest and unethical way. Our Total Trust Deposit Guarantee is unique in NZ and ensures your deposit and any money you pay is held in trust and is 100% protected.

Another reason why Kitchen Studio has been voted the most trusted kitchen brand in New Zealand for seven years running.

If you want to know more, why not visit your local Kitchen Studio showroom, not only will one of our design consultants be able to answer any questions you might have, but you'll also be able to enjoy a hands-on experience. If you've not bought a kitchen before, we think you'll be amazed by the new materials and technology that goes into a modern day kitchen.

We also offer a home consultation with one of our talented kitchen designers. This is the best option for people who are ready to make their dream of a new kitchen, a reality. If this appeals to you, book a consultation using the form on this page or click here.


What genuine people say about us

What genuine people say about us