We just want a pantry and only want to spend $4k

Mat & Martha, Dunedin

You'd think the Kitchen Studio designer would have been disappointed to hear Mat declare he only wanted to spend $4k on a pantry AND most definitely didn't want a new kitchen. So how is it we are recording a video interview in Mat & Martha's recently installed and gorgeous new kitchen?

Martha laughed as she recalled how determined Mat was not to spend any money, until he saw a style of kitchen that aroused his interest. Martha said "He was smitten and fell in love with a Kitchen Studio display". Mat then confessed that the 'sexy, black no-mark kitchen' caught his eye. The Kitchen Studio designer suggested some ideas on how they could transform their home, and feeling inspired, Mat and Martha decided the only thing to do was rip out the old kitchen and 'do it properly, once and for all'.

In all honesty the old kitchen was perfectly fine, but certainly did not reflect the style, creativity and passion that was apparent in the rest of the home. As Mat put it, "the old kitchen was put in without any real love or thought".

The new kitchen couldn't be more different. The combination of colours, textures and materials has transformed a challenging space into something visually stunning. It's so easy to love this kitchen, and looking at how Mat & Martha describe how they feel, the word smitten comes to mind.

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