Hard yards completed, now life should be easier

Ian & Christine, Dunedin

A holiday home is a place you escape to. Somewhere you can relax and take it easy. Ian and Chrissy own a holiday home in a tranquil suburb near Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Not that they had a chance to relax as much as they would've liked, because the house needed renovating. While other rooms were refreshed, the kitchen was left to last. The kitchen was the original kitchen probably built in the late 1950's to early 1960's. So it's not surprising that Ian described it as "worn out and not fit for purpose".

Everything about the old kitchen was hard, Chrissy sighed as she told us how the drawers needed yanking multiple times to open them. It was hard to find things, hard to keep clean and tidy and hard to prepare a meal in because of the lack of space.

Inspired by a friend who used Kitchen Studio to transform their kitchen, Ian & Chrissy called into Kitchen Studio's Dunedin showroom to get some ideas for their new kitchen. In describing their experience with Kitchen Studio, Chrissy & Ian use the word 'easy' a lot. The entire process was easy, working with the designer was easy, choosing the kitchen, components, materials and style was easy.

In deciding to invest in a new kitchen, there was one niggling concern. Ian & Chrissy had a neighbour who lost thousands of dollars when the kitchen company they were using suddenly went out of business. Ian & Chrissy wanted to ensure their money was safe, so when they discovered that Kitchen Studio has a unique deposit guarantee and a Total Trust Guarantee, it was easy to decide on Kitchen Studio for their kitchen project.

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