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What the judges are looking for

We all think the overall ‘wow’ factor is what wins awards. That certainly grabs the judges' attention when they first look at an entry, but when they start to score the kitchen based on the judging criteria, things can change. You will note we have changed a lot of the points allocation in this year’s awards to identify a good kitchen from a good-looking kitchen. There are only 15 points out of 100 for the aesthetics.

We have added a design statement and that receives 10 points (not to be confused with the client brief for only 5) Also new is Renders - we would like you to provide renders of your design as this is often what sells a kitchen to a client. An excellent render can get you 15 points!

One of the biggest changes to this year's awards is an award for the most Functional Kitchen…no this is not a Miss Congeniality award, it’s one of the most important awards. Applying good spatial planning and functional design to a basic U-shaped kitchen without any aesthetically redeeming features can put you in good stead for a win. Your Design Statement will really need to explain why the kitchen is so functional.

Of course, photography is important, so make sure you get a photographer who knows what they are doing. They should be lighting the kitchen and not relying on Photoshop for everything.

Dress the kitchen professionally, this may mean ruffling the client's feathers by moving their décor out. Take some sterile images of just the kitchen and then slowly add props including people. Instagram shots with people get a lot more attention than just sterile kitchens. Judges won't judge you down for having props and people in the kitchen as long as they can see everything. The hero image must be landscape but get a good mixture of portrait and landscape images from your photographer.

Check things like:

  • Fridge magnets
  • Door and drawer adjustments
  • Fingerprints and cleanliness
  • Views through windows
  • Lights on
  • Camera height (eye or low depending on affect desired).

Essential Reading

To help you save time and prepare an award-winning entry for your award-winning kitchen, we have prepared a selection of guides to help you. Please feel free to download them and use them in your work preparing your entry.

Judging Criteria 2024

Declaration Form 2024

Example Client Brief

Example Specification Sheet

Design Statement Example

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