Conditions For Entering

All design entries are eligible for awards in the following categories:

  • Kitchen of the Year
  • Kitchen of the Year - Runner-up
  • Creative Excellence
  • Best Functional Kitchen (new)
  • People’s Choice

Additional design categories

The following categories need to be opted into upon entry:
  • First Time Entrant into Kitchen Studio Awards
  • Kitchen Distinction Award – Under $25K (Incl GST)
  • Creative Small Space Kitchen
  • Character Kitchen Design

Entries Must Include:

A completed online entry form.

A signed declaration form.

Floor Plans, Elevations, and Renders

  • Include one floor plans, 3 to 4 elevations (line drawings)
  • There are points available for the most life-like render so please include up to 3 renders of your kitchen.
  • All plans and elevations must have no reference to the name of the designer or project.
  • Floor plans and elevations must meet all aspects of good design practices and standards.
  • All significant room dimensions and an indication of adjoining rooms must be shown.
  • Relevant electrical and plumbing details are to be shown on the plan.
  • All working drawings, floor plans and elevations submitted must be completed by the entrant and be no smaller than 210mm x 297mm at 300 dpi.
  • Maximum size is 5 MB per image.
  • Acceptable files are JPG.


  • Remember great photography is the secret to your success with your entry!
  • Include a hero image in landscape and 4 other photographs of the kitchen, no smaller than 210mm x 297mm at 300 dpi. Maximum size is 5 MB per image.
  • Acceptable file types are JPG.
  • Your preferred main image of the kitchen must be identified.
  • If possible, use a professional photographer with experience in this type of work.
  • Images must be well-lit and not exposed to the natural window light.
  • Care should be taken with styling to ensure the best images for reproduction and publication.
  • Include a Vortek static render.

Client Design Brief

  • A summary clearly detailing the client’s needs and wants.
  • A maximum of 175 words.
  • Include a title for your entry.
  • Please supply in a word doc format.

Design Statement

  • A clear summary of why your design meets the client brief.
  • Include (if any) design flaws, restrictions, and barriers you had to overcome.
  • Identify any hidden elements in the design that are unique to the client and explain why they work for the client.

Product Specification List
All product specifications must be listed under the following categories:

  • Cabinetry: brand, product name, colour, finish
  • Benchtop: brand, product name, colour, finish
  • Appliances: brand, product name, colour
  • Hardware & Accessories: brand, product name, colour
  • Maximum 160 words across all categories.
  • Please supply in either doc or docx formats.

NB: Product codes and line numbers are not required. Please spell check prior to submission.


  • Open to all Kitchen Studio Design Consultants, who have designed a residential kitchen that has not previously been entered into the Kitchen Studio design awards, including self-owned dwellings.
  • Family of the judges are not permitted to enter.
  • Kitchens within showrooms are not eligible for entry except for the Showroom Kitchen Award category.
  • Entrants are encouraged to attend the Kitchen Studio Conference.

Conditions of Entry:

  • No late entries will be accepted.
  • The kitchen designs submitted into this competition must be the work of the Kitchen Studio Design Consultant entering.
  • Only entries with a completed declaration form will be accepted.

Ownership / Publication / Media:

  • Entries, photos and entry boards become the property of Kitchen Studio Distribution and may be used for publication and display purposes. Entry boards will be returned to the entrant’s branch for display in the showroom.
  • Design boards will be displayed at the annual conference.
  • Following the Awards, entries may be placed on the Kitchen Studio website, branch gallery pages, social media, or used marketing collateral.
  • Images used for national promotions will not reference the designer.
  • The winner of the ‘Kitchen of the Year’ Award may be required to speak briefly at the Awards night and be available for photos and interviews at the Awards event or post-awards.


  • Judging is anonymous, entry names will not be disclosed to the judges at any time.
  • Judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Judges may determine at their discretion, whether an award will be presented for each category.

Helpful Tips:

Please see the following guidelines on our Preparing Your Entry page to assist in submitting entries.

  • Tips on entering design Awards.
  • NKBA Drawing Standards - NKBA Guidelines booklets are available through the NKBA portal.
  • Overview of space planning for a safe, workable kitchen.
  • Example of Client Brief and Design Statement.
  • Example of Product Specification List.
  • 2024 Judging Criteria.
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