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It's hardly surprising that one of the most popular style of shows on TV, is the home makeover. If you’ve ever watched a programme like ‘Grand Designs’ you’ll appreciate there's something quite magical about watching a transformation take place. Seeing what a truly talented designer can do is inspiring and makes you wonder what you could do to transform your own home.

Kitchen Studio is the leading kitchen transformation specialist in NZ and more Kiwis trust us to transform their kitchen than any other company.

We also have some of the most qualified kitchen designers in the country, and when you work with one of our designers, you'll discover they offer so much more than just kitchen design.

Because what many Kitchen Studio clients say to us is, not only did the new kitchen transform their home and add value, but it also transformed they way they live. For some a new kitchen inspires them to be a more creative cook. For others the kitchen becomes a place where families and friends gather, to eat, drink and be sociable.

Take a look at the transformations on this page, and imagine how a new kitchen could change your life for the better.

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The Kitchen Studio Difference

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What genuine people say about us

What genuine people say about us